milcery #868

Pokemon - milcery
  • Weight

    0.30 kg

  • Height

    0.20 m

  • Abilites

    sweet veil

    aroma veil

    (hidden ability)

  • Type





Sp. Attack

Sp. Defense








Base Info

Pokemon Base: Normal

Happiness: 50/255

Catch Rate: 200/255 (78.43)%

Hatch Counter: 5.355 Steps

Gender Rate: 100% Female

Experience gained for defeating this pokemon: 54



Prevents friendly Pokémon from sleeping.


Protects allies against moves that affect their mental state.



2x fighting

2x dragon

2x dark

0.5x poison

0.5x steel

0.5x fire


2x poison

2x steel

0.5x fighting

0.5x bug

0.5x dark

0x dragon


tacklephysical40100%-35selected pokemonInflicts regular damage.
recoverstatus---10userHeals the user for half its max HP.
acid armorstatus---20userRaises the user's Defense by two stages.
reststatus---10userUser falls to sleep and immediately regains all its HP. If the user has another major status effect, sleep will replace it. The user will always wake up after two turns, or one turn with early bird. This move fails if the Pokémon cannot fall asleep due to uproar, insomnia, or vital spirit. It also fails if the Pokémon is at full health or is already asleep.
substitutestatus---10userTransfers 1/4 the user's max HP into a doll that absorbs damage and causes most negative move effects to fail. If the user leaves the field, the doll will vanish. If the user cannot pay the HP cost, this move will fail. The doll takes damage as normal, using the user's stats and types, and will break when its HP reaches zero. Self-inflicted damage from confusion or recoil is not absorbed. Healing effects from opponents ignore the doll and heal the user as normal. Moves that work based on the user's HP still do so; the doll's HP does not influence any move. The doll will block major status effects, confusion, and flinching. The effects of smelling salts and wake up slap do not trigger against a doll, even if the Pokémon behind the doll has the appropriate major status effect. Multi-turn trapping moves like wrap will hit the doll for their regular damage, but the multi-turn trapping and damage effects will not activate. Moves blocked or damage absorbed by the doll do not count as hitting the user or inflicting damage for any effects that respond to such, e.g., avalanche, counter, or a rowap berry. magic coat still works as normal, even against moves the doll would block. Opposing Pokémon that damage the doll with a leech move like absorb are healed as normal. It will also block acupressure, block, the curse effect of curse, dream eater, embargo, flatter, gastro acid, grudge, heal block, leech seed, lock on, mean look, mimic, mind reader, nightmare, pain split, psycho shift, spider web, sketch, swagger, switcheroo, trick, worry seed, and yawn. A Pokémon affected by yawn before summoning the doll will still fall to sleep. The doll blocks intimidate, but all other abilities act as though the doll did not exist. If the user has an ability that absorbs moves of a certain type for HP (such as volt absorb absorbing thunder wave), such moves will not be blocked. life orb and berries that cause confusion still work as normal, but their respective HP loss and confusion are absorbed/blocked by the doll. The user is still vulnerable to damage inflicted when entering or leaving the field, such as by pursuit or spikes; however, the doll will block the poison effect of toxic spikes. The doll is passed on by baton pass. It keeps its existing HP, but uses the replacement Pokémon's stats and types for damage calculation. All other effects work as normal.
snorespecial50100%30%15selected pokemonOnly usable if the user is sleeping. Inflicts regular damage. Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
protectstatus---10userNo moves will hit the user for the remainder of this turn. If the user is last to act this turn, this move will fail. If the user successfully used detect, endure, protect, quick guard, or wide guard on the last turn, this move has a 50% chance to fail. lock on, mind reader, and no guard provide a (100 – accuracy)% chance for moves to break through this move. This does not apply to one-hit KO moves (fissure, guillotine, horn drill, and sheer cold); those are always blocked by this move. thunder during rain dance and blizzard during hail have a 30% chance to break through this move. The following effects are not prevented by this move: * acupressure from an ally * curse's curse effect * Delayed damage from doom desire and future sight; however, these moves will be prevented if they are used this turn * feint, which will also end this move's protection after it hits * imprison * perish song * shadow force * Moves that merely copy the user, such as transform or psych up This move cannot be selected by assist or metronome.
sweet kissstatus-75%-10selected pokemonConfuses the target.
endurestatus---10userThe user's HP cannot be lowered below 1 by any means for the remainder of this turn. If the user successfully used detect, endure, protect, quick guard, or wide guard on the last turn, this move has a 50% chance to fail. This move cannot be selected by assist or metronome.
charmstatus-100%-20selected pokemonLowers the target's Attack by two stages.
attractstatus-100%-15selected pokemonCauses the target to fall in love with the user, giving it a 50% chance to do nothing each turn. If the user and target are the same gender, or either is genderless, this move will fail. If either Pokémon leaves the field, this effect ends.
sleep talkstatus---10userOnly usable if the user is sleeping. Randomly selects and uses one of the user's other three moves. Use of the selected move requires and costs 0 PP. This move will not select assist, bide, bounce, chatter, copycat, dig, dive, fly, focus punch, me first, metronome, mirror move, shadow force, skull bash, sky attack, sky drop, sleep talk, solar beam, razor wind, or uproar. If the selected move requires a recharge turn—i.e., one of blast burn, frenzy plant, giga impact, hydro cannon, hyper beam, roar of time, or rock wrecker—and the user is still sleeping next turn, then it's forced to use this move again and pay another PP for the recharge turn. This move cannot be copied by mirror move, nor selected by assist, metronome, or sleep talk.
sweet scentstatus-100%-20all opponentsLowers the target's evasion by one stage.
facadephysical70100%-20selected pokemonInflicts regular damage. If the user is burned, paralyzed, or poisoned, this move has double power.
helping handstatus---20allyBoosts the power of the target's moves by 50% until the end of this turn. This move cannot be copied by mirror move, nor selected by assist or metronome.
aromatherapystatus---5user and-alliesRemoves major status effects and confusion from every Pokémon in the user's party.
flingphysical-100%-10selected pokemonInflicts regular damage. Power and type are determined by the user's held item. The item is consumed. If the user is not holding an item, or its item has no set type and power, this move will fail. This move ignores sticky hold. If the user is under the effect of embargo, this move will fail.
last resortphysical140100%-5selected pokemonInflicts regular damage. This move can only be used if each of the user's other moves has been used at least once since the user entered the field. If this is the user's only move, this move will fail.
entrainmentstatus-100%-15selected pokemonChanges the target's ability to match the user's. This effect ends when the target leaves battle.
roundspecial60100%-15selected pokemonInflicts regular damage. If round has already been used this turn, this move's power is doubled. After this move is used, any other Pokémon using it this turn will immediately do so (in the order they would otherwise act), regardless of Speed or priority. Pokémon using other moves will then continue to act as usual.
stored powerspecial20100%-10selected pokemonInflicts regular damage. Power is increased by 100% its original value for every stage any of the user's stats have been raised. Accuracy, evasion, and lowered stats do not affect this move's power. For a Pokémon with all five stats modified to +6, this move's power is 31×.
draining kissspecial50100%-10selected pokemonDeals regular damage. Drains 75% of the damage inflicted to heal the user.
misty terrainstatus---10entire fieldFor five turns, protects all Pokémon on the ground from major status ailments and confusion and weakens dragon moves used against them to 0.5× their power. Changes nature power to moonblast.
aromatic miststatus---20allyRaises a selected ally's Special Defense by one stage.
dazzling gleamspecial80100%-10all opponentsInflicts regular damage.
baby doll-eyesstatus-100%-30selected pokemonLowers the target's Attack by one stage.